Extra Credit – Fumito Ueda's games in HD and Street Fighter's Facebook


An excellent short from Gavin Kelly that examines the relationship between World Of Warcraft players and their in-game avatars, entitled ‘Avatar Days’:

Eurogamer airs the second part of its documentary series on the UK videogame industry, this time focusing on the age-ratings debate.

Cracked examines five reasons why it’s still not cool to admit you’re a gamer.

With a Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico HD collection heavily rumoured, Digital Foundry has emulated the original games in HD to see what the final product could potentially look like. Meanwhile Armanda Lange asks why haven’t more developers ripped off Fumito Ueda’s iconic designs?

Wii peripherals really are just getting silly.

You may have already played indie title Every Day The Same Dream, but if not we suggest you do so before watching this short film based on the game:

What if Street Fighter’s combatants had Facebook accounts?

Apparently, Radiohead love videogames too. Check out guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s top picks.

According to a study conducted by Grant MacEwan University researcher Jayne Gackenbach, gamers are more prone to lucid dreams that they are able to ‘control’.

Gamasutra’s Leigh Alexander laments the lack of a more fully formed gaming lexicon.

Next month Nintendo will offer three sets of Mario playing cards through Japanese retailers. The pixel set is clearly the best.

Kirk Hamilton takes a look at the authenticity of Red Dead Redemption’s sound design.

The new Killzone 3 trailer shows off the game’s brutal new melee system. We doubt it’ll rile up as many gamers as Killzone 2’s first trailer did: