Extra Credit – Paul Allen's generosity and Sonic's obesity


Sonic’s not the youthful, fit hedgehog he once was, thanks to the onion rings added in this Sonic 2 XL hack:

Website Dead End Thrills attempts to bring a bit of artistry to the screenshot; not in the way marketing teams create bullshots, but instead by using real world photography techniques.

$200 to look like we’re wearing a Nanosuit? No thanks…

Papercraft taken to the next level.

Taking its cues from Portal, Fault Line is a neat little Flash game that sees you folding space in order to traverse levels.

Good to see that some people’s philanthropy truly knows no bounds.

Living Epic’s Roger Travis writes this fantastic and insightful response to Leigh Alexander’s Who Cheers For War article.

What if God Of War were directed by Wes Anderson?

Ever wonder where those Tetrominoes come from?

How about Xbox Achievements? The Xbox Engineering Blog has an excellent look at the history and origins of those annoyingly addictive rewards.

Kotaku looks back on the golden days of Nintendo. Shigeru Miyamoto smoking? We’re shocked.

Another in-depth and enlightening look at the links between spatial design and architecture in videogames.

Probably the most luxurious arcade cabinet ever constructed.

The Escapist celebrates five years of updates and content.

Toshiba acidentally leaves a pixel in the Telepod with Gary: