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Fallout 3 is 5 years old – Bethesda on the defining game of the generation

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is 5 years old – Bethesda on the defining game of the generationFallout 3 was released five years ago this week. It’s been that many years since you blew up Megaton (or didn’t), wiped out the residents of Big Town (or didn’t) and beat your bullies at school to death in Vault 101 when the opportunity presented itself (or not). A few months ago, we deemed Bethesda the number one defining game of the generation, and for good reason – existing in that post-apocalyptic world, uncovering so many fascinating side stories within its landscape and making choices that shaped your character made this a watershed moment for the RPG. To commemorate our acclaim of the game, we asked Bethesda’s Todd Howard to comment on what the game and what it meant to him and the team.

“We were big fans of the early games, and when the chance came up to create a new one, we were overjoyed,” he told us. “It’s one thing to admire Fallout from afar, and another to love it as a developer. It’s absolutely one of the best gaming worlds you can create in, it has all the pieces that make for interesting choices and exploration. It has a very special tone. After spending so many years with it, we still feel lucky that we got a chance to add a chapter, and incredibly thankful that so many people enjoyed it.”

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the meantime, it’s that there’s never a bad time to replay Fallout 3 and to rediscover everything that remarkable environment has to offer.

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  1. Tanis 30

    Yes, the Fallout 3 game is amazing. Even my online buddies missed me as i played F3 so much:)
    Thank you for such a great game.

  2. Apollo

    Man i remember when this first came out i was low on money and it was just coming up to Christmas all i did when i got back home from school was look up Fallout 3 videos on Youtube then once i opened my presents i was so happy, probably my best Christmas gift so far can’t wait until Bethesda announces the next Fallout it’s going to be amazing.

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