Final Fantasy XIII 'not a mistake' says XIII-2 developer

toriyama_final fantasyxiii-2

Final Fantasy XIII 'not a mistake' says XIII-2 developer“We generally don’t feel XIII was a mistake or that we made a mistake with it,” Motomu Toriyama, director and scenario designer on both Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel, XIII-2, has told gamesTM. “We don’t put it that way. Our goal with XIII was telling a good story with a lot of human drama and that was achieved. Because we wanted to introduce a new battle system that was completely new to the series – Paradigm Shifts and things like that – so in order to get it across to the player, it did require a much longer tutorial, which was criticised for being linear and whatever. Even though the criticism was fair and it was reasonable, it was unavoidable because of the nature of the game – we don’t regard it that we made a mistake as such.”

Toriyama goes on to spell out in no uncertain terms how Final Fantasy XIII-2 will differ tonally from its predecessor, and how Square Enix has found a way to make the game “have universal appeal across all national barriers.”

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