'Halo 4 is like Gradius' – 343 Industries


In an upcoming interview in games™ with 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor the developer has said Halo 4’s new career progression is similar to retro classic Gradius.

“A really good thing for people to think about in terms of comaparison is Gradius” O’Connor said.

“Before you started the game you were able to pick a load out of weapons that essentially did the same thing but did them in different ways. Now, in my head, because I’m very old [laughs], that’s a comparison I like to think about because basically what our progression system does is open up more and more of those. So you’re not actually opening up completely new weapons for the sandbox, but these are things you will have used in the campaign, these things that you’ll be able to use in various multiplayer or custom modes off the bat.”

'Halo 4 is like Gradius' - 343 Industries

Not the most obvious choice of comparison when it comes to Microsoft’s biggest franchise. For more information on Halo 4, and the serious gamble being taken with the franchise, be sure to check out games™ issue 125, in all good newsagents and online at www.greatdigitalmags.com from 2 August.