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"I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong" says Cliff Bleszinski


As part of an upcoming feature in games™ 124 about Epic Games, design director Cliff Bleszinski has admitted there were mistakes with the original Gears Of War trilogy.

“We faced the problems of drowning on our own fiction and universe, as well as figuring out how, over multiple games, you can win a “battle” but not the war. On the multiplayer side we learned that with each sequel there’s always a risk of upsetting traditional fans by adding in new guns. If I could go back in time I would remove the sawed-off shotgun. Yes, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong.”

"I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong" says Cliff Bleszinski

Considering how vocal the Gears community was about the sawed-off shotgun, it’s no surprise that as the months have passed Cliff and the rest of Epic may have become a little down on the idea. The scope of the prequel means it’s unlikely many weapons will return, but we’re fairly confident the sawed-off shotgun will remain exclusive to Gears Of War 3.

Read the full Cliff Bleszinski interview in our massive Epic special in issue 124, on sale now both in print and on digital formats.

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  1. Remote85

    I personally like how Epic handles thier business. they made a playlist for no new guns or new guns as power weapons and the season pass be short was at a good price for the content they gave us. i hope judgment comes back with dedicated servers.

  2. brady hantu

    Yes, taking out the sawed-off will help. But you have to realize that the Gears of War 3 Gameplay is completely messed. It feels horrid even playing on a SD CRT 4:3 TV. Gears 2 on a SD CRT 4:3 TV is a beast.

    All gears games feel awful in HD (everything is Bigger/Slower).

  3. MikeL

    I’M glad the sos is gone, and wish the retro would go too. But judgment is not going to have stopping power, and the retro will completely suck without stopping power. So i really don’t care that the retro is returning.

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