Is Ultra Street Fighter 4's Decapre paving the way for Tekken X Street Fighter?


We here at games™ are big fans of fighting games, and the release of Street Fighter X Tekken got us very excited… for a while. When the gimmicks started to grate and the transparent formulas became obvious to us, we moved on – the release of Tekken Tag 2 taking most of our attention. Since then, we’ve been busy scouring the internet for any clues that point to Tekken X Street Fighter because, more than anything, we want to see how Capcom’s iconic fighters work in a 3D environment.

Is Ultra Street Fighter 4's Decapre paving the way for Tekken X Street Fighter?
This is Decapre's official character art

It was today revealed that Ultra Street Fighter 4’s 5th and final addition to the roster will come in the form of Decapre – a charge-based attacker who is, for all intents and purposes, 90% Cammy. The announcement was met by the internet’s collective shrug – Capcom has spent months hyping up the enigmatic 5th character; for it to be a clone of a pre-existing fighter felt a bit like a slap in the face. But is there more to Decapre than meets the eye? We think so.

It’s no secret that Namco is going to have trouble with wrangling the Street Fighter characters to work in 3D – when Capcom had the task of repurposing Tekken’s cast, all they had to do was work with each fighters iconic moves and flatten them into 3D planes. Considering each Street Fighter character has about 10 moves each, Namco are going to have to effectively recreate each fighter from the ground up to work with Tekken’s traditional fighting system.

Is Ultra Street Fighter 4's Decapre paving the way for Tekken X Street Fighter?
Decapre's Ultra can hit enemies in the air, on the ground or while crouching. OP?

Enter Decapre. She has the ability to teleport, and (as the video below shows) she’s pretty much unavoidable when she’s packing an Ultra. The teleportation ability is key, here: think about how Tekken’s Raven works with his ability to vanish and reappear at will, closing the gaps on his opponents and becoming a pretty close-quarters character with weak counters. Decapre seems to be the opposite, deadly at range with her charges and relying heavily on counters to set up her Ultras. She’s the Ying to Raven’s Yang – a Street Fighter character that is decidedly non-Street Fighter. So why do we think she’s a candidate for Tekken X Street Fighter?

Because Tekken Revolution recently introduced Eliza – a narcoleptic vampire that has Tekken’s first projectile moves (Devil Jin/Devil Kazuya’s cheap laser-eyes aside). Eliza is an odd mix in the Tekken universe, and has an incredibly shallow movepool – her moves seem to focus more on ranged attacks and zoning enemies until she can get her deadly throws in. Where Decapre seems to go against the typical Street Fighter grain, Eliza does the same for Tekken: it almost feels like both characters should have been released in each others’ games.

While there’s no way of being certain, it seems that Eliza was a character meant to test the waters of dialled-down movesets and projectiles in Tekken, while Decapre is exploring more erratic movesets and charge-moves for Street Fighter – a double experiment that’s paving the way for the uncertain future of Tekken X Street Fighter.

Again, this could all be sheer speculation, but we find it interesting that these two characters have been seemingly crow-barred into their respective games so close to each other, and after what Harada said  about releasing multiple games in 2014, we’re still (desperately) hoping for a definite statement on Tekken X Street Fighter in the not-too-distant future.