Will LEGO Marvel vs DC Game Happen? LEGO Marvel Superheroes Director Answers


We sat down to talk to Traveller’s Tales’ Arthur Parsons about how working with the Marvel IP offers up its own challenges in keeping the game relevant for upcoming movies, and what they’ve done to address the various mythologies offered up by the multiple Marvel films.

” We talk to Marvel every week, we have a really good relationship with them,” explained Parsons. “We know that in 12 months’ time, for example, little Johnny who’s seven-years old may have just had Lego Marvel Superheroes brought for him, and he may have just seen Guardians of the Galaxy, so he’s going to want Rocket Raccoon in the game. So Rocket Raccoon’s in there. We know that Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is out in February, so we’ve got content that dives into the movie, too. We’ve got Silver Samurai and Viper in there from the new Wolverine movie, we’ve got content in from Thor: The Dark World. Our games have an incredibly long shelf life – we want to make sure the game’s current for as long as it can be.”

Will LEGO Marvel vs DC Game Happen? LEGO Marvel Superheroes Director Answers

Before moving onto Marvel, Traveller’s Tales worked on the ever-popular DC Lego Batman series – we asked what the possibilities were of seeing the Marvel and DC IPs meet in any future games.

“At the minute, we’re firmly focussed on the Marvel game”, he said with a smile, “but we’ll see what kind of reception this gets… that’s all I’ll say for now…”

Beautifully vague, I’m sure you’ll agree, but without a definite yes or no, we’re still hoping we’ll see some Batman on Wolverine action in the years to come…

The full interview with Arthur Parsons is available in games™ issue 141, available here.