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Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka wants to make NiGHTS 3, Knuckles Chaotix 2


In an exclusive interview with games™, head of Sonic Team and NiGHTS Into Dreams co-creator  Takashi Iizuka has expressed his desire to create a third game in the cult Sega series. “I would personally love to make a third NiGHTS game”, he told us before adding “but that decision will always be up to the management at Sega.”

NiGHTS Into Dreams is often cited as the greatest non-Sonic game to be made by Sonic Team and is well loved by fans of the Sega Saturn. Its 2007 Wii sequel, NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams was made in response to years of requests from those fans but ultimately dissapointed, earning itself a 6/10 in the pages of games™. But Iizuka remains proud of the game. “With the Wii version of NiGHTS we were able to implement presentation that was not possible in the Sega Saturn days”, he says, “so from that perspective the team’s goal was fulfilled. We’re really happy with what we achieved.”

NiGHTS isn’t the only Sega franchise that Iizuka is eager to revive. The veteran Sonic Team director was also behind the generally disliked Shadow The Hedgehog and has a surprising answer when we ask him why he’s never made a dedicated Tails or Knuckles game. “I’ve thought of both in the past”, he reveals, “and I actually considered making a game like Knuckles Chaotix at one point, but Sega has unfortunately not given me the green light to do so.”

Takashi Iizuka is currently applying the finishing touches to both Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colours. To read the full interview with the director check out the 6-page feature in issue 100 of games™, on sale 02 September.

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  1. Rodrigu03

    Wow. Well, personally, I’d love to see a new NiGHTS game. I actually liked Journey of Dreams, but there were definitely a few things that weren’t quite what I’d hoped.

    So, if a Sega Manager or Two see this comment… Please, vote for Mr. Takashi and the Sonic Team to make a new game! And let them pour their hearts and souls “into Dreams…”

    (See what I did there? Okay, cheesy, I know… but still, please consider my words.)

  2. Jake

    Journey of Dreams, evaluated alongside and without nostalgia for the original, is objectively at least half as good a game. The optional motion controls are horrendous, the voice acting and 3D platforming is inane, and the level design is only occassionally as inventive; nevertheless, the framerate is far smoother, the core gameplay is sound, and the visuals are superior.

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