Street Fighter X Tekken: "Infinite combos were a complete mistake"

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Street Fighter X Tekken: "Infinite combos were a complete mistake"Street Fighter X Tekken, while mechanically awesome and a joy to play, has been no stranger to controversy in the last month. On-disc DLC, paid content all over the place, disastrous online issues and most recently, the discovery of a number of game-breaking infinite combos. Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano – who is looking after SFXT post-launch while Ono recovers and starts work on a secret new project – explains how even extensive QA testing could never catch all of these issues.

“Infinite combos were a complete mistake on the development side,” he tells us. “We have people playing the game daily; we have our team trying to find these infinite combos before the game gets released and we did actually find a whole bunch of infinite combos during our testing phase. But, obviously, when the game gets released and tens of thousands of people start playing at the same time they’re going to be able to find things that we missed. A lot of the infinite combos were character specific or required very strict timing, so while we do extensively test our games to try and find as many issues as we can it is really difficult to find all of the infinite combos that are in the game. So gameplay balance is a really tricky thing and we do our best. We’re definitely aware of the ones that are out there now and we’re working behind the scenes to fix them and get a patch out as soon as possible.”

That patch can’t come soon enough, either. Currently, the game is plagued with issues that make it far more satisfying to fire up something like Skullgirls instead – sound bugs are distracting almost to the point of making the game unplayable and you’ll groan every time someone picks Kazuya, Kuro, Pac-Man or Xiayou for fear of half the match being spent just watching an infinite. Like the one below, courtesy of glitchfinder general Desk. Be sure to check out his other videos too – the guy is a game-breaking machine.

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