‘Talking about resolutions, frame rates or specs for unfinished games is pointless’ – CD Projekt RED | gamesTM - Official Website

‘Talking about resolutions, frame rates or specs for unfinished games is pointless’ – CD Projekt RED


Since this story went live, it’s been announced that The Witcher 3 has been delayed until February 2015. Full story here.


Amongst all the questions about next-gen tech and RPG tropedom, Krzemiński gave us a frank and confident response about the ongoing ‘resolution war’ we’re seeing between the Xbox One and PS4.

When asked ‘are there differences in the resolution output between PS4 and Xbox One versions?’, Krzemiński replied:

“If you’re asking me to throw a rock in the PS4 vs. Xbox One resolution war, I won’t. The game is not finished and talking about resolutions, framerates and min. specs (for PC) is, I think, pointless. Everything can change during the optimization process at the end of development. Rest assured, we’re working our butts off make The Witcher 3 run and feel equally awesome on every platform.”

 'Talking about resolutions, frame rates or specs for unfinished games is pointless' - CD Projekt RED
Will this look better on the Xbox One or PS4? (Hint: it doesn’t matter yet)


We then asked if there’s anything in particular the next-gen hardware has allowed the studio to do that perhaps couldn’t have been done on the preceding generation of consoles. “There’s no one specific thing that next-gens allowed us to do,” Krzemiński replied. “There’s a whole ton of them. Essentially, the game can look mind-blowing, we’ve got seamless gameplay with no loading screens (almost everything is streamed during gameplay, cutscenes etc.), we can add visual effects unavailable to us before because of performance issues and so on, the list is huge. All this constitutes a giant, lush open world with a myriad of things to do, quests, adventures, monster hunts, events and so on.”

 'Talking about resolutions, frame rates or specs for unfinished games is pointless' - CD Projekt RED
Is this a mix of a harpy, a mermaid and a member of Cradle Of Filth? Probably not, but it looks like it.

All that said, it seems CD Projekt RED is certainly confident it will deliver an RPG that will push the Xbox One and PS4’s hardware as hard as it can – using the internal REDengine 3 to craft a game with as much depth and attention to detail as  Andrezj Sapkowski’s epic novels.

For more on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, have a look at our interview with lead gameplay designer Maciej Szcześnik, talking about the game’s 36 endings, 12 world states and 3 playable epilogues, the end of Geralt’s story and how The Witcher is effecting work on Cyberpunk 2077.

The full interview with  Michał Krzemiński will be available in games™ issue 146, on sale 27 March.


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  1. Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    hmm…I’m still skeptical. perhaps some time after it releases, I’ll play it and see if it’s my type of game.

  2. Gabriel

    I love Dark Souls but it needs to come out on next-gen. It’s coming out on the same console as Demon’s Souls when there is no reason for it not to come out for next-gen. Witcher is ground-up exclusively next-gen, and a PC gamer’s wet dream at that.

  3. Doug

    Dark Souls 2 will be best hardcore action RPG. The Witcher 3 will be better for more audiences though… ( I won’t be playing it though )

  4. vojtasass

    The Witcher 3 will be better for people who can appreciate great story, dialogues and characters. In DS most important is combat.

  5. araczynski

    If Dark Souls is an RPG then Infinity Blade is an RPG. In fact, they missed their calling, all they had to do was release Dark Souls on the mobile platforms as a F2P and included a bunch of consumables as IAP, they’d make 10 times more in profit, dumb kids eat that stuff up these days.

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