Team Ninja: "It's a bit sad to see Call Of Duty on the shelf for a whole year"

Call of Duty Art

Call Of Duty is the industry’s biggest game in terms of both sales and the sheer hype it manages to garner each year on release. There aren’t too many other annual titles that could boast some of the numbers Activision’s shooter has managed. In Japan, however, COD is not the juggernaut it remains in the West, and head of Team Ninja Yosuke Hayashi has his own thoughts:

“COD is definitely not as big in Japan” Hayashi recently told games™. “You won’t see it on the main shelf in stores all year around. I think, obviously in terms of games quality, it’s very well done – there’s no doubting that. A lot of Japanese developers are actually learning a lot from it.”

Team Ninja: "It's a bit sad to see Call Of Duty on the shelf for a whole year"

“The biggest difference, and I think the reason it’s not as popular, it seems very unnatural for Japanese people to shoot guns. It’s not socially linked at all and is very distant in that sense. Honestly speaking, when we come [to the UK] and we take a look at stores it feels a bit sad to see COD on the shelf for a whole year. Every year you have a COD and it’s a little unfortunate the market is too saturated with the series.”

Certainly a train of thought many already have, and a challenge the franchise has to face on a yearly basis. So far, it’s weathering that storm…