ZombiU may head to Xbox 360. "We're not neccessarily married to Nintendo" say Ubisoft

While Ubisoft’s promising survival horror game, ZombiU makes some of the best use of the Wii U GamePad that we’ve seen, Ubisoft tells us that the game might not necessarily be a Nintendo exclusive in the future.

“We’ve heard lots of second-screen talk,” ZombiU design director Gabrielle Shrager told games™ in an exclusive interview. “There’s always what Microsoft’s doing with SmartGlass. So it’s not a development issue to build it for other consoles but the heart of the concept wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have this notion of twice the screens, twice the fear.”


Ubisoft Montpellier producer Guillaume Brunier added, “I think that what we have is a very consistent and convincing package. If you remove one of the elements, whether it be permadeath or dual screens we’re going to lose a bit of what makes ZombiU stand out. So a straight port to Xbox 360 or any other console would not be the same experience. However, with the SmartGlass tablet, we’re not necessarily married to Nintendo.”

So Xbox 360 users, would you like to see ZombiU come to your favourite system via SmartGlass? Have a look at the gameplay demonstration below and let us know in the comments.

You can read more of games™’s interview with the ZombiU team in issue 125, on sale 2nd of August or read why we think ZombiU is the best game on Wii U in issue 124, available in print and digital formats right now.

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