10 of the best Super Mario Maker community levels



Pit of Panga: P-Break

ID: 6059-0000-005E-4FB5

This legendary level is the one that took its own creator about nine hours to complete so that it could be uploaded to Nintendo’s network. It demands you to throw enemies and objects with speed and absolute precision as you make your way through a deadly course. We’ve still not made it farther than the first few jumps.


Waluigi’s Unbearable Existence

ID: DAF8-0000-0027-7A46

We didn’t expect to have to face existential quandaries when playing Super Mario Maker, but this level was one of the first to play with messages in its design to torment and confuse the player. In this instance it was about forcing Waluigi to face his inner demons and dark past. It uses a bunch of fun visual tricks too.


Caverns of Zebes: A METROID Maze

ID: 08B1-0000-005B-5917

Amiibo support means that a great many classic Nintendo characters can make an appearance in Super Mario Maker and inspire levels built around similar mechanics to their original games. Take for instance this tribute to Samus Aran’s Metroid series, remade with some strange concoction of Mario enemies and level elements.


NSMB: Donkey Kong Homage

ID: D8CA-0000-0089-06E9

Remaking classic games in Super Mario Maker isn’t always easy, as everything in the game has to map to one of the plumber’s titles, but some smart use of his classic items can take you far. This excellent, multi-levelled Donkey Kong game for instance uses buzz saws in place of barrels and vines instead of ladders to mimic the gameplay.


Derek Yu – The Four Hell Towers

ID: BD99-0000-0062-6FC7

Another wonderful thing about everyone being able to make their own Mario levels is that even experienced and celebrated game makers can have a go and this one designed by the maker of Spelunky is one of the best examples. It’s devilishly difficult, as you would expect, with an excellent theme structure for each of its challenging towers.


Try to Die!

ID: FCC4-0000-00E6-9AAA

We love it when a Super Mario Maker designer inverts the logic of playing Mario games as the central conceit of their creation. In this instance you pass a checkpoint directly above the end of stage flag as you begin the game, but the only way to reach it again is to die while surrounded by power-ups. It’s one of the toughest levels we’ve played.


Pleasant Town (until Mario came)

ID: 6B6E-0000-0064-8949

This is one of those levels that appears simple enough until you hit a brick wall. There are several houses you need to enter in the correct order to tool Mario up with a fire flower, winged Goomba shoe, and Spiny shell helmet in order to make it through the next two thirds of the stage. Solve the puzzle and you’re only just beginning the challenge.


Ghostly Mushroom

ID: 7A48-0000-0052-9CF0

With a smart use of pipes and doors, you can create some really elaborate and mind-bending levels with this game. By mapping various areas of this stage to look exactly the same with some subtle changes and with warp pipes that appear to go back and forth, but actually go somewhere new entirely, your hunt for the power-up mushroom becomes creepy fast.


Hard ‘n’ Short TWSS

ID: 80DA-0000-005D-5FA4

How exactly do you escape from a room full of giant chain chomps when there’s only one door and about a three-second window of opportunity to find a hidden exit? With nerves of steel is how. This relatively simple, tough to master, but visually mesmerising little level is all about pushing the limits of Super Mario Maker’s objects and enemies.


Super Sniper Bros: Aim & Fire

ID: 16E0-0000-00E0-4AF8

Playing with conventions again and drawing on the theatre of the mind to fill in the blanks, you must imagine Fire Mario as a sniper, working his way from building to building in order to take out his ultimate target. We never thought we’d see Mario take the place of Agent 47 in a game, but this is incredibly close to that kind of experience.

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10 of the best Super Mario Maker community levels