5 things to look out for in Days Gone


A zombie game with a few more brains?

1. The rivers of dead effect that the zombie physics engine has in this game is mesmerising. Watching the undead horde clamber and dash towards you is so distracting, it might just get you killed. It’s a far cry from the lumbering statues in some zombie games.

2. The bike really counts for something in this game. Bend has said that the bike plays a huge role in the gameplay and isn’t just a piece of character jewellery to legitimise its biker gang lead. That bike will be needed to traverse this world.

3. If anything this game is reminding us more of Red Dead Redemption than your typical survival game with its lush backdrop and largely rural (from what we’ve seen so far) locations. A biker as the modern frontiersman? Works for us – thematically at least.

4. The zombies are evolving. Or rather what this game refers to as ‘freakers’ are evolving so the Newt and Horde types we’ve seen are only the beginning of the threat you’ll be facing. After two years of infection, who knows what is out there?

5. Stealth is an option. You wouldn’t have thought it with a loud motorbike and all those undead to try and navigate, but Bend says that so long as you maintain a low profile you should be able to sneak your way around many objectives.

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