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50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation – Part 2

25. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Bethesda Softworks, PS3/360

Just as the next generation was finding its feet, Oblivion launched with an immersive fantasy universe unlike any other. Expanding on the themes presented by Morrowind; Cyrodiil’s gorgeous forests and living and breathing cities were a testament to the power of the new systems. Oblivion was the first game that made us dream big about the possibilities of thriving open worlds.

50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 2

50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 224. Mirror’s Edge

DICE, PS3/360

Gamers were desperate for fresh ideas to be injected into the generation, and DICE answered with Mirror’s Edge, a brand new IP with a bold vision. Abandoning the shooting antics of Battlefield, DICE created a fluid first-person action game that relied on parkour to deliver thrills, and nothing has come close to replicating the experience.

23. Super Mario Galaxy 50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 2

Nintendo, Nintendo Wii

While no one was under any illusion that Super Mario Galaxy would reinvent the platformer, it’s a testament to the matchless originality of Nintendo that it came so close. And what an audacious gamble Galaxy was: launching its enduring mascot into a bold new world where every level dared to rewrite the rulebook. It proved that when it came to ingenuity, execution and just plain fun, Mario still reigns supreme.





50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 222. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Kojima Productions, PSP

The PSP was always promised it could bring the power of the PlayStation 2 to gamers’ hands, and nothing came as close to realising this vision as Hideo Kojima’s Peace Walker. Pushing the power of the hardware, while still delivering an incredibly rich and vibrant entry into the Metal Gear franchise, Peace Walker is a victory for storytelling on handheld consoles.

21. Grand Theft Auto IV

Rockstar North, PS3/360

Grand Theft Auto has traditionally tackled difficult subjects, but GTA IV took it one step further with Niko Bellic’s rags-to-rags story. Perhaps the most focussed narrative to grace an open-world game, it came across a little dry for certain fans, but its portrayal of Liberty City as a New York analogue is absurdly generous in detail.

50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 2

50 Defining Games Of This Console Generation - Part 220. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

Rockstar North, PS3/360

Comprised of The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, the Episodes From Liberty City showcased a world beyond what we have come to expect from DLC. The expansions opened up the world of Liberty City and injected the humour back into the playground that was sometimes absent from GTA IV.

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  1. Andron Auro Marin

    GTA V, Assassin’s Creed I and II,DMC 4 , The Last of Us can’t be left out of this list…..Assassin’s Creed for me is the game who defined this generation,’cause it was a new game released for the first time on the current gen.consoles (PS3, XB360).The game who took the action-adventure genre to a whole new level…..

  2. TheDoink

    While those are amazing games, they did not really define the current console generation. They were fun, different, but they didn’t really set a tone for other games to follow. Those games were cult hits that only affected a very small percentage of the market and left a negligible footprint, thus despite their awesomeness do not make sense to include on this list.

  3. ryan

    You’re probably right. I saw their creativity and unique design as something special that stood out and set an example. With games like bayonetta and mirrors edge on this list I thought these games I suggested would fit in nicely. I don’t think affecting the market is as important as creativity and originality.

  4. DaftPlum

    Nooooooope. This list is whack. Fallout 3 yes, but modern warfare at 2!?? and portal fricking 19??? Even Dark Souls should rank above Gears of War. It showed how hard games can be and still be enjoyable. Bloody Insane difficulty on Gears of War took me no more than 10 hours to do :/

  5. DaftPlum

    People have heard of these games. Just because your face is so far buried in Call of Duty/ Assassins Creed/ Gears of Wars arse you have never heard of em…

  6. Thomas Nelson

    i feel all are good except for heavy rain should NOT be before red dead and mario galaxy should be a little higher

  7. AaBaCaDa

    I have heard of those games but they are pretty bad… all anime ones, I have no problem with anime but, just saying.

  8. Mitchell

    Glad to see Oblivion on the list! That game changed the way I perceived RPGs for the better and even though it was released way back during the Xbox 360 launch window, it still is the finest gaming experience I had this generation.

  9. Josh Diddler

    I do agree with Fallout 3 about 80% and Cod MW1 was actually pretty good. Not number 2 good but pretty good.

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