9 of the best time-bending games


Nine games that used time-bending theatrics to enhance the experience


Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Not only was the ability to reverse time a fun new mechanic for trying out and retrying ideas for solving puzzles or traversing the environment, it also helped to embed the concept in our minds so that the final story beats of the game held even more impact and weight. We know we can play with time, but when the answer means undoing so much of the good you’ve achieved to defeat an evil, that’s a different level.


Super Time Force

This pixel-art retro shooter saw players having to manipulate the flow of time to make it through some truly challenging moments of bullet-hell platforming. Upon death, time would be rewound and you’d get to play as a new character, fighting alongside a clone of the character you just played as, who runs through everything you just did – it’s one of the weirdest (and most wonderful) co-op games out there.


Life Is Strange

A tale of two hipsters in small-town American suburbia, Life Is Strange is Twin Peaks as written by one of those laptop-wielding table-stealers in Starbucks. Thankfully, it makes great use of time manipulation – giving you the opportunity to try and affect the outcome of conversations and truly emotionally crushing moments as you attempt to circumvent the end of the world and rebuild old friendships.



Braid is without question one of the most celebrated puzzle games of the last generation, and for good reason. Not only did it blend a heart-warming story with beautifully drawn graphics, it also made great use of time manipulation mechanics. The rewind feature not only lets you account for trial and error, but is also used to great effect for puzzle solving.


Forza Motorsport 6

While some might regard it as cheating, Forza Motorsport 6 makes great use of time rewind mechanics; and it does it all without any magical daggers. Take a corner too sharply, find yourself rammed off the course or forget to roll into the pit stop and you can rewind time, giving you the opportunity for a do-over on tricky parts of a track.


Remember Me

Ironically, Remember Me was largely forgettable, but had sections that made pretty good use of time manipulation, letting you enter and rearrange a target’s memories. Time could then be rewound and the memory replayed, giving you the chance to modify details and change a recollection to get the desired outcome in the present.


Blinx: The Time Sweeper

This beloved Xbox classic lets you wield the master of all of the household chore items – a vacuum cleaner – and control time itself. The collection of Time Crystals lets Blinx rewind, fast forward, pause, record and slow the flow of time to help overcome puzzles, find hidden collectibles and kick ass in interesting combat scenarios.



Timeshift never quite survived the massive amounts of pre-release hype that was heaped onto its shoulders back in 2007, but Saber Interactive made good use of the Xbox 360 and PS3 technology to deliver this decisive time-splitting FPS. By slowing the flow of time, players were able to dodge incoming projectiles, steal weapons and blitz through active combat zones with ease.


The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

For The Legend Of Zelda players, 6am is known as the beginning of the end. Majora’s Mask is a stunning adventure game that sees the world ending in 72 hours, with Link forced to use his Ocarina to rewind the flow of time in an attempt to stop the moon from crashing into – and subsequently destroying – Termina.

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9 of the best time-bending games