games™ 135: Combat Evolved

games™ 135: Combat Evolved

Even though Microsoft’s next generation reveal is only a few days away, there is still plenty to get excited about in the industry. DICE recently unveiled Battlefield 4, showing off its impressive new engine and commitment to delivering an engaging single player campaign. DICE’s shooter takes the cover of games™ 135 – on shelves (physical and digital) today.

This month we also put Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone face to face to discuss the past, present and future of the industry, and we caught up with the mastermind behind the Cyberpunk franchise, Mike Pondsmith, to discuss the upcoming videogame with Cd Projekt Red.

This and a whole lot more is waiting for you inside issue 135 of games™. Check the full contents below:



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-Combat Evolved: DICE has unveiled its bold vision for the future of Battlefield, but can it succeed on both single and multiplayer fronts? We spoke to the developer to find out.
Grand Theft Auto V: games™ heads back to Los Santos with a massive preview feature.
Darl Souls II: Prepare to die, again. Yui Tanimura reveals all as we get eyes on with Dark Souls II.
Molyneux Vs Livingstone: We get the industry giants in a room to discuss modern games, their gaming histories, and the future of videogames.
Cyrberpunk 2077: We speak with the original creator of Cyberpunk as well as CD Projekt Red about the future of the legendary franchise.
-The Rise Of The ARG: games™ investigates alternate reality games and what the future has in store for the curious experiment.



-Metal Gear Solid V: We attempt to get to the bottom of Kojima’s mysterious new Metal Gear game.
-Avalanche Studios: We speak with Avalanche Studios to see what the developer has been working on.
-RIP LucasArts: We speak to Ron Gilbert about the sad passing of the legendary studio.
Oculus Rift Verdict: Is this immersive piece of hardware essential for the next gen or a toy for the hardcore? 



-Behind The Scenes Space Quest: We discuss the classic adventure series Space Quest.
-Conversion Catastrophe: This month’s unfortunate classic is Ghostbusters.
-Game Changers: Tetris: In a new monthly feature, we take a look at the games that redefined the medium.
-The Demake Factor: Converting games to run on older consoles; the ‘demaking’ of games is still strong.



-The Elder Scrolls Online: We ventures beyond the level cap to discuss the end game of TESO.
-Eve Online: As Eve Online’s tenth anniversary approaches, CCP examines the past decade.
-Wildstar: games™ explores Carbine Studios’ newest MMO as it nears completion.



-Battlefield 4
-The Evil Within
-Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2
-The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
-Lego Marvel Super Heroes
-FIFA 14
-Company Of Heroes 2
-Tales Of Xilia
-The Legend Of Zelda 3DS
-MotoGP 14
-Yoshi’s Island 3DS
-Showcase Round-Up



-Metro: Last Light
-Fire Emblem
-Injustice: Gods Among Us
-The Devil’s Cartel: Army Of Two
-The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
-Dead Island: Riptide
-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
-Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity
-Star Trek: The Video Game
-Deadly Premonition
-BattleBlock Theater
-Persona 4 Arena
-Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
games™ 135: Combat Evolved