games™ 136: Xbox One Revealed

games™ 136: Xbox One Revealed

“Microsoft Just Started A War”

The Xbox One has been announced, and now the industry is speeding towards the November release of both of the next-gen systems. games™ dives into the Xbox One reveal; analysing the console, its games and Microsoft’s desire for it to become the centre of the living room.

Inside games™ 136, you’ll also find an in-depth interview with Insomniac Games’ Ted Price, a first look at Call Of Duty: Ghosts and a fresh talk with Evolution as they gear towards the DriveClub release.

There is more waiting for you inside, you can see the full contents below.

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-Xbox One Revealed: Microsoft unveils the Xbox One, introducing the all-in-one entertainment hub of the next-gen.

-Beyond Modern Warfare: How Infinity Ward is leaving Modern Warfare behind with Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

-Closer To The Edge: Evolution Studios presents DriveClub, a genre defining vision over a decade in the making.

-Interview With Ted Price: Ted Price discusses the enduring legacy of Insomniac Games.

-How To Pitch A Game: games™ investigates the perilous route of the publishing process.

-20 Game Industry Rule Busters.



-The Console War Begins: Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head for that coveted spot in your living room. Who will win?

Why Star Wars Will Solve EA’s IP Problem: How a certain galaxy far, far away will reinvigorate the publishers fortunes.

Creative Assembly: From RTS to free-to-play, we talk to the Total War studio about its latest venture.



-Behind The Scenes E3: How E3 became the most important event on the games industry calendar.

-Conversion Catastrophe: This month’s unfortunate classic is Narc.

-Game Changers: Sonic The Hedgehog.

-The Retro Guide To Star Trek.



-Runescape 3: A first look at Jagex Games’ overhaul of Runescape.

-Eve Online: Celebrating a decade in the stars.

-A Beginner’s Guide: To World Of Warcraft.



-Forza Motorsport 5

-Quantum Break

-EA Sports

-Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

-Watch Dogs


-Need For Sports: Rivals


-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

-Wolfenstein: The New Order

-Batman Arkham Origins

-Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

-Deus Ex: The Fall

-XCOM Declassified: The Bureau



-The Last Of Us


-Remember Me

-Animal Crossing: New Leaf

-Soul Sacrifice

-Grid 2

-Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

-Resident Evil: Revelations


-Don’t Starve

-Surgeon Simulator

-Slender: The Arrival

-The Starship Damrey

-Poker Night 2

-Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

-Tekken Card Tournament


-Call Of Juraez: Gunslinger

games™ 136: Xbox One Revealed