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Get one step closer to uncovering the Arkham Knight’s identity with Rocksteady’s inside scoop

Arkham Knight back

Lead character artist Albert Feliu offers insight into Rocksteady’s titular villain, the Arkham Knight – a brand new character in the DC Comics Universe.

The Arkham Knight is one of the main centrepiece villains for our game. He’s like a dark reflection of Batman who commands a military force that’s taken control of Gotham City. He seems to know everything about the Batman: his tactics, his gadgets and his weaknesses. He has used this knowledge to create an identity that mocks the Dark Knight and creates a striking image on the battlefield that inspires his army and terrifies his enemies.

Arkham Knight back

1. Mask

“The mask is a vital component of many super villains, and we needed the Arkham Knight’s helmet to achieve a range of different things. Firstly, it needs to cover his face in order to conceal any sense of the man underneath. Next, it provides him with a detailed heads-up display that keeps track of his forces moving throughout Gotham City. This information is projected across the inside of his visor, creating the illusion of those inhuman eyes and giving him a face that is equal parts ghostly and robotic.”

2. Chest plate

“The design of the Arkham Knight’s armour is intended to be a psychological weapon against Batman as well as a defence against the tactics and strategies that Batman uses. The Arkham Knight knows the deep influence that the events of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City had on Batman, and by making the logo of the institution into his own, he aims to put Gotham’s saviour at a disadvantage. The angular design of the armour plating was influenced by the A-shape of Batman: Arkham Asylum’s logo, but it’s also designed to deflect one of Batman’s weapons of choice: the bat claw.”

3. Gauntlets

“Visually one of the most important things we want to communicate through the design of the Arkham Knight is the high-tech, military threat that he poses to Gotham City. The materials on his gauntlets, boots and armour are influenced by the design of fighter aircraft: highly resistant, unreflective and totally intimidating. The Arkham Knight’s knowledge of the Caped Crusader influences his fighting style, and so his gauntlets fulfil a similar role to Batman’s: they’re armoured so he can use them to repel opponents with blades while remaining light enough to enable rapid strikes. We’ve always had the same approach to armour design in the Arkhamverse: it needs to match the anatomy and ergonomics of the character, and reflect each character’s unique visual themes.”

4. Camouflage

“In creating the image of this military leader invading an urban space, we designed the Arkham Knight’s red camouflage pattern to make him identifiable to his troops, but also to take advantage of how Gotham City looks at night: the dark greys interspersed with dashes of red enable him to remain concealed between the gloomy shadows and garish neons of Gotham’s alleyways and rooftops. The dark material that armours his biceps and triceps is partially reflective, working as part of the camouflage as it mirrors the environment around him.”

5. The Utility Belt

“The Arkham Knight is a military commander, and that’s reflected most in the design of his helmet, but he’s also a highly capable and resourceful warrior just like Batman. His utility belt is designed for more personal confrontations, and it reflects his aggressive personality: he wears it low-slung in contrast with Batman’s more regimented approach to field equipment. He thinks he’s better, badder and definitely cooler than the Batman himself.”

6. The Ears

“The ears serve two purposes: first, they act as transmitters relaying the Arkham Knight’s commands to his troops and drones in the field. Secondly, they are his greatest psychological attack on Batman: while they’re much shorter and more streamlined than the Dark Knight’s, (to make them more practical for combat), this design is an intentional mockery of Batman and everything that he stands for.”

The full interview with Rocksteady is available in games™ 151, on-sale now – you can buy it in stores, online or digitally.

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  1. Captain Vigilante

    I think that boss fight with Arkham Knight is going to be like the one with Freeze in Batman Arkham City

  2. David

    So he is very military-like and either uses the theme to look threatening or is because he used to have military experience. He is also very much a cocky little bastard who thinks he is better than Batman. The belt says it all. The slouch. That attitude. If anything he lives to mock the Batman.

    COULD be Jason Todd…I mean even the secret touches of Red kind of alert me to his past. Red is a very specific color. Only Harley Quinn truly uses it in her equipment and gear. Only other person I can think of is Red Hood. But I do hope it IS entirely someone new. Like ENTIRELY. Just for the shocks and surprise. No one likes predicability.

    Cause who doesn’t like the thought of a Red Herring., the Red Hood. It would be just TOO easy.

  3. Paul

    Did you all forget Jason Todd is the pre order bonus for the game? You actually play the Red Hood in his own story, also Jason was no military commander in any kind of way. If it is somebody that is this close to Batman, as in knowing so much about him, then I don’t believe the man under the mask is a new guy all together. If that is the case it would have to be someone who has the training and hates Batman so bad that he wants to mock him…and only one name comes out of that hat, Wrath. Think about it, he knows Batman’s moves, he’s mocked Batman in the comics several times over, and if it is the one who died and was a commander in the military then his vengeance would be turned toward the man he blames for his death. You may ask, how is he alive now? Obviously that lazurus pit was abandoned before Ra’s got to Gotham in Arkham City, what’s to say it wasn’t used before that and all the while the original Wrath watched his prey go through the trials of the first two games. Another reason I believe this is because the original Wrath was never actually named making him a perfect candidate for a revenge story and new character.

  4. Christian

    i keep saying that also man! no one seems to listen and continues saying “oh its hush! no its Jason todd! wait its the joker!” its really annoying

  5. Rorshach Sridhar

    Idk, I’m pretty sure Arkham Knight will be an original character as promised by RockSteady. They want to leave something new with the Batman brand.

  6. TheTingler

    Arkham Knight is a new villain. But the man under the cowl? Could be someone new.

    If it’s not Jason Todd then it’s Hush/Thomas Elliot.

  7. Kyle Sullivan

    I think they just meant the characters identity as the Arkham Knight. They have red hood dlc coming.
    Im willing to bet 5 dollars, count them 5 DOLLARS!!! haha

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