Learn the way of the warrior with Absolver


Jade Empire meets Journey in this free-flowing martial arts game

1. Channel your flow

Absolver is, at its heart, purely ritualistic. Tunics flow freely in the wind as warriors circle one another, each feinting cautiously in search of an opening. The first salvo of strikes comes slowly, tentatively, the desire for victory balanced by a respect for the mystic magic behind the martial arts. The pair are engaged in fluid hand-to-hand combat, switching between stances, issuing attacks and parries with rhythmic precision. As one eventually concedes victory with a bent knee, the other offers a helping hand. Lessons have been learnt and new skills acquired – a friendship formed in the trials of combat.

2. Dancing under duress

Built around hand-to-hand combat, developer Sloclap is putting an emphasis on dancing while under duress, where grace and fluid movement is as important as understanding each of your four tactical stances. Movement is as much of a weapon as your fists in Absolver, where your ability to explore and survive the world of Adal will lean on your senses as much as it does your ability to launch a devastating flow of attacks, dodges, feints and counters. New weapons and combat styles are learnt from other players along the way, though there’s nothing quite as integral to survival as your sense of anticipation.

3. Path of the warrior

In Absolver you are tasked with following the path of the warrior. You’ll begin your adventure as a lowly Prospect, destined to wander painterly forsaken lands to hone your abilities. Learn your craft well and eventually you’ll be able to graduate into the ranks of the Absolvers – elite combatants attempting to maintain stability for a world in ruin. On your travels you’ll come across other Prospects and Absolvers, with the option to team up for PvE dungeons for rare loot and equipment, or to test your skill in dedicated PvP combat arenas for progression through the ranks; an ever present option.

4. Martial arts mastery

Absolver is built around seamless multiplayer, allowing you to generate unique stories through player interaction – every time you come across another player is a moment filled with tension and terror, as you’ll never quite know whether they are eager to trade, befriend or battle you. Trust, it seems, is a total leap of faith in Absolver; any friend can become a foe, though any foe could also become a much-needed mentor. Absolver lets you customise every aspect of the gameplay, meaning every player you come across will present an entirely unique challenge to try and overcome.

5. Customise your style

As you eventually learn various new combat styles and attacks, acquire different weapons, powers and armour sets, you’ll have the opportunity to start building your style. You’ll be able to essentially build your own playstyle ahead of venturing back out into the world with other players, even going as far as to arranging attacks in a combat deck to design your own unique attack pattern and flow. It’s a simple system and ultimately lets you create your own combos which, again, only helps to bring an extra edge of tension to every player encounter online.

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