The 8 Best Super Mario Bros. Hacks


The great thing about games as simply constructed as Super Mario Bros. is that they are easier to reverse engineer than their modern-day counterparts. This leads to some great custom games seeping into the public domain – Super Mario Bros. is famous for having a vast array of hacked versions, so we compiled our favourites for your reading pleasure


Super Mario Frustration

A minefield of invisible blocks and obstacles impede your progress through every single level of this fiendish re-creation of Super Mario Bros. We played a few levels of it, and will happily say it’s harder than Dark Souls. If you don’t believe us, take the challenge yourself – you’ll soon understand why we said it.


Extra Mario Bros

A hack that adds new maps, new graphics, new enemies and new power-ups to the game, Extra Mario Bros. sometimes doesn’t hit the Mario template one-for-one, but it’s worth playing through just to get to the final boss battle. It’s quite a stretch from what you’ll be used to seeing in Mario games, but it’s worth a play.


Super Mushroom

Replacing Mario with Toad, Super Mushroom sees power-ups replaced with enemies, new sound effects added for jumping and some reworked graphics and textures. The game is apparently at a ’99.9%’ difficulty level and is considered one of the hardest SMB hacks made.


Supreme Ice Bros.

A hack that sees the fire power-up of Mario’s replaced with an ice-based attack, Supreme Ice Bros. also replaces Goombas with ninjas (who receive a speed boost), sees Bowser become the devil, hidden paths in pre-existing levels and completely remade music. It’s stupidly hard, too.


The New Strange Mario Bros.

Intentionally glitchy and oddly designed levels are the trademark of The New Strange Mario Bros., a game that gets harder as it goes on. Infamous for incorporating new graphics that messed around with how the physics of the games worked, The New Strange Mario Bros. really was the experience it promised


Hello Kitty In The Mushroom Kingdom

This bizarre hack takes the sprites from the Japanese NES game Hello Kitty World and uses them to replace the eponymous Bros. of the original title. Even coming with its own story, the hack is the result of a lot of effort, and actually a surprisingly good game.


Luigi’s First Quest: The Search For Mario

Roles have been reversed, and it’s Luigi’s time to shine in this hack that places the lankier, greener brother in the shoes of his stodgy younger brother. The hack includes a slew of new levels that take advantage of Luigi’s higher jumping prowess.


Joe & Moe Pizza Delivery

Probably riffing on the inherent stereotype-bashing inherent to Mario, Joe & Moe replaces the majority of the graphics in Super Mario Bros. and replaces them with the creator’s own take on the Mushroom Kingdom. The levels have been redesigned, too, but not to a particularly high standard.

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