Top 10 Videogame Appearances in Television and Film

Top 10 Videogame Appearances

10. Back To The Future Part II

Game: Wild Gunman
Year: 1989

The makers of Back To The Future Part II seriously overestimated the lasting appeal of Nintendo light gun game Wild Gunman. When Marty McFly stumbles into retro Eighties café in the year 2015, he giddily discovers an arcade cabinet replica of the NES Wild West shooter. McFly’s enthusiasm is swiftly undercut by a doe-eyed Elijah Wood, dismissing the retro title with “you mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!” Proof positive there that Kinect will transform all our youth into ungrateful little shits.

9. Breaking Bad

Game: Rage
Year: 2011

You wouldn’t expect id Software’s post-apocalyptic shooter to appear in the utterly sublime drama series Breaking Bad, but it did just that in the show’s brooding fourth season. Highlighting the post-traumatic stress of recovering drug addict Jesse, the character spends the opening of an episode playing Rage incorrectly with a light gun, while having nightmarish visions of a previous misdemeanour. It’s a rare case of a first-person shooter actually conveying raw emotion and dramatic depth.



8. Mallrats

Game: NHL All-Star Hockey
Year: 1995

Kevin Smith has a renowned love of ice hockey. He also has a love of retro ice hockey games. Mallrats referenced Smith’s great passion for the pixelled replica of the sport, with Jason Lee’s Brodie dismissing his girlfriend’s breakfast plans (“Breakfast? Breakfast, schmrekfest”) in favour of finish his current match. Trivia: while Lee is playing Sega’s NHL All-Star Hockey, the sound effects originate from the EA series of licensed games, which Smith preferred.


Top 10 Videogame Appearances in Television and Film