Top Ten British Games

Top Ten British Games

10. Sensible World Of Soccer

Format: Amiga

Developer: Sensible Software

It was during the 2007 Games Developers Conference that Henry Lowood announced the game canon – a list of videogames chosen by the likes of Warren Spector and Steve Meretzky to be considered for preservation by the Library of Congress. Among titles like SimCity, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Doom sat Jon Hare’s Sensible World Of Soccer. When a game is put forward as an assertion of the medium’s cultural and historical significance, you know it’s done something right. In this case, it was the game’s absolute comprehensiveness when it came to documenting the sport, with some great gameplay to boot.

Top Ten British Games

9. Fable II

Format: Xbox 360

Developer: Lionhead Studios

Led by the ever-ebullient Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios has never been short of ambition. It would be a disservice to this list were we not to give an honourable mention to some of Molyneux’s past successes – Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper – but it’s Fable II that’s the quintessential British game; a collection of Molyneux’s earlier ideas wrapped in dry wit and delivered in familiar voice acting. Of course, it didn’t live up to the promises made and Fable III diluted the formula further, but we can always hope that Fable: The Journey will deliver on Molyneux’s increasing ambitions.

Top Ten British Games

8. Burnout 3: Takedown

Format: Multi

Developer: Criterion Games

The series that made crashing as much a part of the game as the racing itself, Burnout is the finest example of its genre, colliding reality and fantasy in a high-velocity, kinetic racing experience that we think is yet to be bettered. Need For Speed still has a chance, of course – both Criterion and fellow UK studio Black Rock  continue to juxtapose big-screen action with nitroglycerin-powered racing through EA’s flagship racing series. It’s possible to argue that the UK has the edge when it comes to racing. Japan may have Gran Turismo and the US Forza, but with the likes of Codemasters, Black Box and Criterion on British soil we can boast some of the most incendiary racers on the market.

Top Ten British Games