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“True Fallout fans will enjoy Wasteland 2” says Brian Fargo

“True Fallout fans will enjoy Wasteland 2” says Brian Fargo“I have no doubt that true Fallout fans will enjoy Wasteland 2 like they the did with the first two Fallouts”, Brian Fargo has told games™ in an exclusive interview after the success of his recent Kickstarter project raised nearly $3 million to develop a sequel to Fargo’s 1988 computer game. “There is a certain formula I follow for making deep RPGs that were applied in Fallout and Fallout 2 and will be used again with Wasteland 2”, Fargo continues.

Fargo goes on to say that a full vision document for the sequel will be posted online soon but does enlighten us on the similarities between Wasteland 2 and the classic Fallout games that he produced. “Cause and effect are the most important hallmarks of this style of game”, he says. “People want to have their actions cause real effects which builds an immersive world and creates replay.”

“I have brought the composer for Fallout 1/2 in for the musical score and he has some wonderful ideas about taking the tone to the next level”, he continues. “The game is top down/isometric and that means we can spend more time on the gameplay and less with all of the modeling. Chris Avellone [Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas] is helping with the design along with Mike Stackpoke, Liz Danforth and Ken. St. Andre. The concept art from Andree Wallin is fantastic and I have never been more determined to make a better game in my life.”

Where Wasteland 2 will differ from both the original game and its spiritual successor, Fallout, is in the way the fans will now be involved in the development process. Kickstarter has made fans an active part of game production like never before, and Fargo is quick to assert that their needs and wishes are at the forefront of the development team’s priorities. “We are in lock step with the fans to deliver the experience they are expecting”, he says. “I love the process we have with the fans.”


For more information on Wasteland 2, including further exclusive input from Brian Fargo, see the Kickstarter Special in games™ 122 on sale now through the ImagineShop, on Zinio and iTunes.

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  1. Adam Whitehead

    Good stuff, although I think the use of the term ‘true Fallout fans’ might be slightly inflammatory if not clarified. Plenty of people have come to franchise with FALLOUT 3 and NEW VEGAS (which sold more in their first days on sale than the previous FALLOUT games combined, so clearly the majority) and suggesting they might not be hardcore enough for WASTELAND 2 – which I don’t believe Fargo is saying but it could be misconstrued as – is pointlessly alienating.

  2. Filip Estelle

     And there couldn’t be a reason as to why F3 and FNV sold more than F1 and F2 combined? Maybe that they were games of the 90’s, when the gamer fanbase was much smaller, and it was only released for PC and Mac and not any consoles? You can’t really compare the original Fallout games with the new generation ones, they are pretty much two different things by now. Like old batman movies and the more recent ones.

  3. Quarex

    You are absolutely right, Fallout 3 and New Vegas sold more copies because they changed formats to be accessible to the mainstream, and also came out on console.  But the subtext to this whole thing is the fact that Wasteland 2 will never be a console game, just like Fallout 1 and 2 were computer-exclusive.

  4. greg

    thumbs up mate, i agree with u completely
    i have never played F1&2 but i love postapocaliptic stuff (fallout 3 was the best gamer ever) and would like to see  wasteland 2, but what worries me Fargo will create game in 2013 that looks like something from 90′, if they do sth like Fallout 2 with camera angle at top i won’t buy it, if they take F3 and make it better that would be awesome

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