Yoshio Sakamoto discusses Metroid 64, Metroid Dread and the 3DS


Of Nintendo’s big three franchises, it’s Metroid that has the most developed story and characters. And with so many videogame-film adaptations around at the moment are there any firm plans to produce a Metroid movie?

Specifically talking about the storytelling of Other M and the visual quality of the computer graphics, I think we have used quite luxurious resources to create these movie sequences and I think these scenes are worthy of the ‘movie’ label. However, if you ask me if I want Samus’s story to be told in cinemas, I really don’t think so. I want to tell the story of Samus only in the unique, interactive game format. However, if Mr Ryuji Kitaura, the director of the CG scenes in Other M, wants to make a Metroid movie and if the concept and methodologies he presents are agreeable with me then I might be okay with the idea. But only if it is made by him. Right now though, I have no intention to make a Metroid movie.

Yoshio Sakamoto discusses Metroid 64, Metroid Dread and the 3DSWe can’t leave without asking about Metroid Dread. Did it ever exist?

I cannot deny the existence of such a project in the past but cannot say if it will be what I move onto next or not. I’m sorry but we would like to keep that game a mystery. After all, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding Dread. And my hope, if at all possible, is to reset the situation at once and start from scratch.

As well as Metroid, you’re also well known for your involvement with the WarioWare series. That game is often used to show off the potential of new Nintendo technology but you haven’t announced a 3DS version yet. Why is that?

Nintendo officially announced the 3DS at E3 and, as you may know, I have been very busy with Other M. In fact, it’s only right now that I have had any free time. So when it comes to the 3DS, I have to admit that I have virtually no sufficient knowledge of the hardware. I was not able to think about making any games for 3DS myself but now that Other M is complete that’s something I have to start thinking about as soon as possible. As far as WarioWare is concerned, I’m sorry but I have nothing to say about the 3DS right now. You know, toward the end of Other M’s development I didn’t even get to go to the Nintendo offices, so there was no way for me to get access to the 3DS. It was so rare that I went to the Nintendo office in those days that I had to jokingly say “Hello, I’m Mr Sakamoto from Team Ninja”! Seriously, I was staying at Team Ninja’s offices all the time.