Project Morpheus is "no real competition" says Oculus founder


At this year’s GDC, there was a hug buzz around VR, with many sites (including our own) toting the VR renaissance as a possible future of gaming. Not only have VR mainstays Oculus stepped up their campaign with various models and an impending general release, but Sony also announced their own VR hardware – currently going by the name of Project Morpheus. But how does the inventor and founder of Oculus – Palmer Luckey – feel about Sony moving into the market he created?

Project Morpheus is "no real competition" says Oculus founder

“I’m not really worried about Project Morpheus,” he Luckey told us, “[Sony] said they’re only doing it on PS4. We’re not on PS4, so there’s no real competition. If anything they just add credibility to the VR space. You know, they show that it is something that is reasonable to be investing in. It’s not just this one crazy company that’s making it happen, it’s an entire industry.”


It’s a refreshing angle on a scenario that’s being toted as an all-out war between the two companies, and one that Luckey is keen to emphasise when he talks business strategies: ” [Sony] has a very core, tight marketing message and they don’t need to stray from that. Or, you know, I don’t think they’re at the point where- they’re also entering this game a lot later. You know, they’re doing a lot of things in ways that are very similar to what we’re doing, and I think that they’ve also benefitted from all of the developer feedback and all of the time that we’ve spent figuring out what works in VR.”

We asked Luckey whether the tech comparisons and SDK in Project Morpheus would challenge the Oculus (bearing in mind, this interview was conducted before Luckey had chance to get any hands on with Morpheus). “It’s hard to comment right now, but I’d say [our hardware] is the best currently out there. By far. And that’s because of the close interaction with developers and the great team we have; people like John Carmack and Tom Forsyth and all these other really great programmers working on our SDK. There’s nothing out there on the market that’s even close, in my opinion.”


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