Assassin’s Creed Unity ‘modern day’ setting teased

Assassins Creed unity

“We’re going a bit further than with Black Flag,” explains Ubisoft Montreal senior producer, Vincent Pontbriant.

Assassins Creed unity

Remember how you basically played the ‘Abstergo sections’ of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in a re-imagined Ubisoft Montreal office as a new recruit to the company? Ubisoft decided it wanted to move away from the third-person avatar for the modern-day sections and have you work for the Assassins, rather than Abstergo.

“We ended Desmond’s cycles in Assassin’s Creed III, and then we made Black Flag about an Abstergo employee being contacted by Assassins,” explains Pointbriant. “So you played this third-person character in the present, and we wanted to go one step beyond that. We decided that you’re actually, you the player, are the pilot of the Animus. So you start the game and then at some point you get contacted by the Assassin order to explore the memories of Arno through the Animus, and basically figure stuff out for them in the present. We made a few twists but we understand that this is the seventh game, so the story is becoming complicated; as such, we wanted to reintroduce some of the main elements of the narrative in a different way.”

It’s an interesting revelation, and perhaps one that ties into the co-operative focus of the game – will the Assassin that contacts you in the ‘real world’ be one of the Assassin’s you’ll meet in the Animus? Will ‘being the pilot of the Animus’ mean first-person sections in the modern day? Ubisoft has promised to reveal more about just how the modern components of Unity will work in the coming months, but until then, feel free to air your suspicions in the comments below.


The full interview with Pontbriant will be available in games™ issue 150, on sale 17 July.