Next-gen Dark Souls 2: From Software explains why there are 'no plans'

Dark Souls next gen
Next-gen Dark Souls 2: From Software explains why there are 'no plans'

games™ recently found itself quaffing tankards of mead and feasting on hog meat at a recent event for From Software’s Dark Souls 2 where we got to discuss what we can expect from the sequel with its producer Tak Miyazoe.

Rumours have been swelling about Dark Souls 2 arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future, so we took the opportunity to ask the studio directly.

There’s been much speculation about Dark Souls 2 coming to next-gen platforms. Have you considered expanding the franchise onto PS4 and Xbox One?

Obviously next-gen platforms have a lot of potential, the power they have is incredible. The reason Dark Souls II is on current-gen and PC is because our goal was to deliver the game as soon as possible to fans. We felt there was still a lot of potential within the current gen consoles. Next-gen consoles are big, we don’t have any plans to develop on them at this point. But fan feedback is key to taking the next step, making our next decisions. But if I had my way it’d be fun to develop on next-gen but we don’t have plans. Hopefully Dark Souls II will be successful and we’ll have the chance to continue building on the franchise.

So there you have it – no Dark Souls on next-gen for now. Not that Dark Souls 2 is looking too shabby in the visual department anyway and from what we’ve played it offers every bit the bastard-hard experience of its predecessor.

Dark Souls 2 is released 14 March on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC at a later date.