Xmas Jumper Review – The new Numskull range is in (and we’ve worn them)


The nerdy Christmas jumper is now an annual tradition at ‘bad jumper’ gatherings around this time of year and the leading supplier is of course Numskull. The team there has wowed us in the past with its Street Fighter collection and Sonic jumpers, but this year’s are among the best yet.

As a general overview of their build and design, there’s a lot to love about Numskull’s jumper range, not least that they are actually knitted fabric (acrylic in fact) rather than a sweatshirt with a print on it like you might see elsewhere. If you ask us, printed Xmas jumpers are cheating and not authentic. Numskull doesn’t play those games.

In addition they’re very warm and comfortable. Some cheaper jumpers you might find around this time of year can be very scratchy and that’s best avoided. It’s worth bearing in mind that the sizes come in a little on the slim side so if you like a baggier jumper you may need to order a size up from your typical preference.

That all said, here are our favourites from the Numskull range this year:

skyrim31. Skyrim

This is the one! For Dragonborn anywhere who need some protection from the icy winds of Winterhold, this is the jumper you should be looking at. We love the dragons and use of helmet on the front and the detailing on the arms using the Skyrim logo is fantastic. And if we’re being really frank, it’s actually pretty classy in terms of colour and design for a Xmas jumper. With only two colours being used, this is nowhere near as garish as you could get. So, if you’re a classy RPG fan (like we are) this is the way to go.

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christmasjumpercaptaina1-22. Captain America

We love Cap, even if he isn’t strictly a videogame hero. We’re fans of all sorts of things of course and he’s had some fantastic star turns in the Marvel Vs Capcom series, we we like to think he’s one of our own. Anyway, some great detailing on this jumper with the classic red, white and blue uniform recreated in jumper form. The star motif most commonly associated with Steve Rogers also works rather in the context of the winter season and we love the shields on the sleeve. The perfect jumper for any winter soldier (but not that Winter Soldier, because that’s a different character… we just couldn’t avoid the wordplay).

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christmasjumperironman2-23. Iron Man

Old metal head himself enjoyed something not unlike a Christmas movie outing with Iron Man 3 of course and while we can’t really imagine Tony Stark ever being seen in a Xmas jumper, we’re still big fans of this design. The arc reactor design on the chest is, of course, the stand-out feature on this one, although the Stark Industries logo is also excellent. The little snow flake-like symbols in the jetstream of Iron Man himself on the jumper are also a very nice touch. Anyway, you’re well on your way to a Christmas Avengers team with this jumper if you grab the Captain America one as well.

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christmasjumperatari1-54. Atari

If we’re being completely honest, this one has had us pretty divided on the games™ team, but ultimate logic won out (logic being another term for the editor said so) and we have come to appreciate that while this is a rather garish jumper it does at least depict some fo the history of Atari in its design. With Asteroids, Breakout and Missile Defense in the design of this jumper, we would argue that its a retro gaming masterpiece of design. Very nicely done.

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candycrush15. Candy Crush

We’re not going to claim to be big Candy Crush defenders on games™, because we’re not, but we thought this was a rather nice design for anyone whose Mum (or Dad or brother or sister or aunt or cat) is obsessed with match-3 puzzle games and is really struggling to find a present for them. They might not think they’re gamers, but we know they really are at heart and that’s all that really matters. This is the jumper that can declare that secret love of gaming to the world.

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