Discover Nintendo’s Missing Link in games™ 181


Nintendo has finally revealed the Nintendo Switch, but is it really the console that can challenge the dominance of PlayStation and Xbox this generation? We get into the hardware, the launch games, and what developers think of this console/handheld hybrid, only in games™ 181 on sale now!


Nintendo’s Missing Link
We break down the tech, investigate the launch line-up and chat with developers to find out everything there is to know about Nintendo Switch

Halo Wars 2
343 Industries and Creative Assembly reveal how they’re reinventing strategy gaming

Past, present and Suds51
We chat with Goichi Suda to reflect on his career and what it was like revisiting The Silver Case

Tomb Raider 20 years on
A swathe of Lara Croft alumni get together with games™ to reflect on the successes of the Tomb Raider series

The games of 2016
games™ offers its picks for the 25 best games of the year

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Preview: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, For Honor, Gran Turismo Sport, Persona 5, Sniper Elite 4, Lost Ember, Maia, Code: Hardcore, Serial Cleaner, Nidhogg 2

Review: Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Civilization VI, Shadow Warrior 2, Dragon Quest Builders, Football Manager 2017, World Of Final Fantasy, Skylanders Imaginators, Manual Samuel, Maximum Car

games™ 181 is on-sale now – you can buy it in stores, online or digitally.