Find out why Horizon is the champion of 4K gaming in games™ 183


Of all the games we’ve seen demoed on PS4 Pro, Horizon Zero Dawn is the one that has impressed us more than any other with its stunning vistas and gorgeously rendered vision for a lush post-apocalypse world. As it fast approaches, we sat down with Guerrilla Games to talk about its ambitions, breaking away from the FPS genre and much more.

Find out why Horizon is the champion of 4K gaming in games™ 183

Horizon Zero Dawn
We sit down with Guerrilla Games to find out why it’s leaving the FPS genre behind for its most ambitious and risky game to date

Mass Effect Andromeda
BioWare gives us insight into its epic new adventure

Brian Fargo Interview
The legendary developer reflects on his career and InXile’s three upcoming projects

50 Most Influential People In Gaming Today
We run down the game developers, tech innovators and opinion makers who are changing the industry

What next for VR?
As Vive ramps up its tracking tech we look at the next wave of innovations

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