Mass Effect Andromeda is out of this world in games™ 184


As Mass Effect Andromeda emerges from deep space to make its landing we delve deep into BioWare’s epic return to its masterpiece sci-fi universe. We put a microscope to the new characters, the weapons, crafting, multiplayer and how the class system will work. Plus, we go hands on with Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rime, Switch and much more. Find it all in games™ 184

Mass Effect Andromeda is out of this world in games™ 184

Mass Effect Andromeda
We break down BioWare’s new heroes, take a look at the new class system, analyse the new multiplayer and much more

Switch launch guide
We test the tech and play the launch games ahead of Nintendo’s massive new console launch

Ghost Recon Wildlands
We find out if Ubisoft has managed to weave some stealth and co-op magic into the open world

Rime: The light at the end of the tunnel
We get hands on with Tequila Works’ long-awaited game and find out what’s taken so long

Improving the industry
We offer a grab bag of issues that we’re a little tired of dealing with from modern games

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