Sun’s out, guns out for Splatoon 2 in games™ 187


Splatoon 2 is ready to make a massive splash with its release in July so we catch up with the development team to find out why they think the original was such a success, how it went about building on the original and what its hopes are for Nintendo Switch. Read about it all in games™ 187, on sale now!

Sun’s out, guns out for Splatoon 2 in games™ 187

Splatoon 2
We speak exclusively to the team behind Nintendo massive Switch release and critique the console’s hot summer lineup

Star Wars Battlefront II
DICE and Motive discuss how it plans to make the biggest Star Wars game ever

EVE: Online
We embed ourselves with the hardcore EVE community to find out what makes them tick

Project Cars 2
Slightly Mad Studios sets out its vision for the most realistic driving game ever made

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