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Battlefield 1 review

Battlefield 1 review

[Reviewed on Xbox One] Battlefield 1 is a beautifully excruciating reflection on the First World War. In many respects it’s a true achievement for the medium, but in others it’s a painful reminder as to why this era has been kept so isolated from interactive entertainment. Battlefield 1 dances haphazardly..

Battlefield: Hardline review

Battlefield: Hardline review

While it is entirely possible to discuss Battlefield without mentioning Call Of Duty, Battlefield: Hardline is just not a Battlefield game. The sheen and thunder of DICE’s Frostbite engine is unmistakable, and the loadout, perk, and Battlepack menus are all replicas of those seen in Battlefield 4. But if Hardline..

The Making Of Battlefield Hardline

Visceral Games wants to prove that EA can give gamers the products they want. We caught up with Visceral’s creative director and general manager to talk about its plans to restore Battlefield’s name and prepare to launch itself back into space… Originally printed in games™ 158 Visceral Games’ growth has..

Steve Papoutsis – The final Visceral interview

Leading up to the release of Battlefield Hardline and just weeks before he would leave EA and the studio he helped to build, Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager at Visceral Games, talked to games™ about the studio’s history, its design philosophy and where it’s going next… Your studio..

PS4 Vs Xbox One: The Streaming War Begins

With the PS Now beta in full swing and Microsoft and EA’s own streaming service on its way, we take a step back, compare the services and examine the origin of these business models. ony recently soft-launched its PS Now initiative over in the States – an interactive cloud-based service..