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Dishonored 2 review

Dishonored 2 review

[Reviewed on PS4] Dishonored 2 is a game that seduces you with its giddying spectrum of possibilities. Moving through its world, you might spot a route that can take you onto the rooftops to stalk silently above patrolling guards. Another could take you through the basement of an abandoned building..

15 ways Doom is making hell fun again

After nearly 12 years away from the frontline of gaming, Doom is returning and while its development has been challenging, the final game looks to have recaptured the same spirit as id’s original shooters.

Is Obsidian thinking about making its own Fallout-style game?

Speaking with games™ as part of a celebration of the Fallout series and investigation into what to expect from Fallout 4, Feargus Urquhart explained how his team’s love of the post-apocalypse could see Obsidian launch its own competitor in the post-nuclear apocalypse. “I really, really enjoy the Fallout world,” Obsidian..