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How Dishonored 2 is redefining stealth in games™ 178

Discover how Arkane Studios is looking to develop its amazing stealth experience even further as we sit down with the team to discuss Dishonored 2 for games™ 178, available now! Plus we spend time playing Final Fantasy XV and Watch Dogs 2 to give you our impressions on how some..

The necessary evil of microtransactions

A dirtier word than ‘DLC’ and ‘free-to-play’ put together, the microtransaction now permeates even games that cost £40+. We speak to Freestyle Games’ Jamie Jackson about whether there’s a good side to the business model…

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

[Reviewed on PS4] Treyarch’s vision of Call Of Duty has always been more fantastical than other studios’ take on the franchise. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that the Californian outfit has taken it upon itself to deliver what is arguably the most disruptive new element Call Of Duty’s main..

Ali-A and the next YouTube superstars

Ali-A talks to us about being the biggest Call Of Duty YouTuber ever and being part of Legends Of Gaming Live How did you actually get started producing videos? I’ve been putting videos up on YouTube now for about six years, bearing in mind the amount I put up and..

25 Ridiculous Game Mechanics We Couldn’t Live Without

Games are unique – we forgive them a lot of little eccentricities we wouldn’t dream of letting other media get away with. To celebrate just how crazy some established game tropes are (and how much we’ve come to take them for granted), we thought long and hard about our favourite..