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Steve Papoutsis – The final Visceral interview

Leading up to the release of Battlefield Hardline and just weeks before he would leave EA and the studio he helped to build, Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager at Visceral Games, talked to games™ about the studio’s history, its design philosophy and where it’s going next… Your studio..

Dead Space 3 Review

Isaac Clarke returns in another horrifying outing – but is it worth your money? Find out in our Dead Space 3 review…

Core Crisis: Third-Party Wii Development

More than 70 million units sold worldwide, a user-base that almost eclipses both of its rivals combined, and software that regularly tops sales charts in territories around the globe. To the layman, all would appear to be rosy in the world of the Wii, yet third-party companies have struggled to cash-in on its success. games™ takes a look at why the latest ascent of Mario and Co. appears to have put everyone else on the back foot.