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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition review

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition review

Just when you thought Devil May Cry had gotten confusing enough, Capcom decides to re-release an instalment first seen in 2008. Two and a half years ago this entire series was rebooted with a new variation of the lead character, a new development studio and a seemingly new path to..

25 Ridiculous Game Mechanics We Couldn’t Live Without

Games are unique – we forgive them a lot of little eccentricities we wouldn’t dream of letting other media get away with. To celebrate just how crazy some established game tropes are (and how much we’ve come to take them for granted), we thought long and hard about our favourite..

9 games that started life as something else entirely

Did you know how much these games changed during development? Devil May Cry was originally going to be a Resident Evil sequel It’s one of the more famous examples of a massive gear shift for a videogame as Hideki Kamiya pitched a much more action orientated experience for Resident Evil..

Top Ten Must-Play Capcom Brawlers

The long undisputed king of the brawler, Capcom’s eye for subtle gameplay mechanics, memorable character design and hyper-stylised visuals remains as sharp today as it was back when Street Fighter was first released in 1987. games™ counts down Capcom’s best.

games™ Issue 111

New issue on sale now, a sleek slipcase carrying a lifesize Wii U controller as we go behind the scenes on the new technology Nintendo has in store. Elsewhere, we talk to Square Enix about Final Fantasy XIII-2’s uphill struggle, quiz Team Ninja on the return of Ryu Hayabusa and have a very interesting chat with love/hate Xbox Live Indie Games developer Silver Dollar Games…