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Is Obsidian thinking about making its own Fallout-style game?

Speaking with games™ as part of a celebration of the Fallout series and investigation into what to expect from Fallout 4, Feargus Urquhart explained how his team’s love of the post-apocalypse could see Obsidian launch its own competitor in the post-nuclear apocalypse. “I really, really enjoy the Fallout world,” Obsidian..

Fallout Shelter review

Fallout Shelter review

The big takeaway from playing Fallout Shelter should probably be that you can slap this theme onto just about anything and it immediately becomes 50 per cent more fun. If this is the beginning of Bethesda spreading this IP around a little more, then we’re on board. We’ll lap up..

Build your battlefield knowledge with History Of War

Fallout likes to remind us that war never changes, but there’s much that can learned from the great battles, warriors and military strategists of history. If you’re gearing up for another run at Call Of Duty this weekend or looking for some inspiring stories to take into the fray on..