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Game On! 2016 – The must-have annual for gamers!

Christmas is only a couple of months away now (unbelievably) and if you’re looking for the ideal gift for the gamers in your life then Game On! 2016, the amazing new gaming annual, will save you a lot of hunting. Packed with incredible new games, classic titles, gaming tips, mind-blowing..

The VR Verdict in games™ 160

No more predictions. No more conjecture. This is the VR verdict. games™ tests all the latest virtual reality tech and gives its definitive ‘eyes-on’ report. Is VR really the future of gaming, does the tech really work and what’s it like to play? We answer these questions and more this..

Top 10 B-Movie Games

At games™, we tend to take a pretty serious approach to gaming. We feel like we can look past the superficial to the hidden depths. In light of that, we’ve trawled through our archives and asked around our sister magazines to try and find out what games made a disgusting..

Why are games getting easier?

In a time when technology is allowing us to do anything we want with games, why are so many titles so unsatisfyingly short – so easy to complete, even on the hardest of difficulties? Whatever happened to the glory days of hardcore grinding, seemingly impossible boss fights, platforming sections that crippled..