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20 years at Rockstar Games with Craig Conner

Rockstar Games’ former audio mastermind Craig Conner speaks about his time with the company, his creative process and the Houser brothers So how did you go about landing your job at DMA Design? I owned a Tascam 16 track recording studio at the beginning of the Nineties and was living..

GTA 5 – The game that keeps on giving

Originally printed in games™ 157 When Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick described Grand Theft Auto V as “the gift that keeps on giving” to FOX Business in the US last April, he was referring to the way in which the game’s online micro transactions kept the money flowing to Rockstar and..

Top 10 Open-World Environments

We may take it for granted today, but the last two generations have seen open worlds evolve from a lofty dream to a thing of beauty. With games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Watch Dogs on the near horizon, pushing the boundaries on what we expect from open worlds, we look back at ten of the best environments to play and explore in.

Top 10 gaming rip-offs

Knock-offs. Homages. Clones. Copycats. Rip-offs. Call them what you will, but it’s no great secret that developers have been riding on the coattails of proven success stories since the dawn of gaming. Here’s the top 10 most brazen rip-offs of classic games.

Top Ten British Games

Great Britain: home of ASBOs, Mr. Blobby and knife crime. It’s also the birthplace of the ZX Spectrum, the open-world game, and questionably large-chested treasure hunters. There is little question that Britain has firmly established itself as one of the leading creative and influential voices in the videogames industry today. Here, for your pleasure, are the top ten games ever produced in the UK.