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Gaming’s 9 most gloriously menial jobs

Here are our eight favourite pointless tasks in gaming Forklift Truck Driver Of all the things we thought a role-playing game would ask us to do, taking a job as a forklift truck driver in order to get intel on a biker gang wasn’t one of them. Then again, we..

The return of the modders

How the rise of the modding community is about to change the industry forever Modding is an odd concept. A subset of gamers devoting all their free time to adding content, improving issues or even dramatically overhauling their favourite games, often putting hundreds upon thousands of hours into their creations without expecting..

52 Must-Play Games Of The Generation

18 months since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, there’s already a wide array of fantastic experiences to enjoy and a fair few appearing on the Wii U as well 01. Bloodborne Format: PS4 | Release: 25 March 2015  Developer: From Software ■ It’s fresh in our memory,..

20 years at Rockstar Games with Craig Conner

Rockstar Games’ former audio mastermind Craig Conner speaks about his time with the company, his creative process and the Houser brothers So how did you go about landing your job at DMA Design? I owned a Tascam 16 track recording studio at the beginning of the Nineties and was living..

GTA 5 – The game that keeps on giving

Originally printed in games™ 157 When Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick described Grand Theft Auto V as “the gift that keeps on giving” to FOX Business in the US last April, he was referring to the way in which the game’s online micro transactions kept the money flowing to Rockstar and..