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Halo Wars 2 review

Halo Wars 2 review

It’s no secret real-time strategy remains one of the few genres yet to properly seed on consoles, but what better way to cross-pollinate than one of the most recognisable franchises on the planet? The incredibly talented (and now long defunct) Ensemble Studios tried it with the original Halo Wars and..

The necessary evil of microtransactions

A dirtier word than ‘DLC’ and ‘free-to-play’ put together, the microtransaction now permeates even games that cost £40+. We speak to Freestyle Games’ Jamie Jackson about whether there’s a good side to the business model…

Gearing up for battle with Randy Pitchford

Controversy, innovation, Borderlands, Half-Life, Aliens, Duke Nukem and reinventing the first-person shooter. This is Gearbox. This is Randy Pitchford Some people think of themselves as software developers or videogame-makers,” explains Gearbox Software’s co-founder and studio head, Randy Pitchford. “We kind of think on a higher level, which is about creating..