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The power of pro gaming

67 million players. $1 million prize money. We go backstage to talk to the people behind league of legends’ worlds championship to investigate just how eSports got so big

Drake fires back with Uncharted 4 in games™ 168

Could 2016 be the year of PS4? With games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in its arsenal you would be a fool to bet against it and we’ve got the latest hands-on info about the game’s insane multiplayer. Also this issue we get deep into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided..

eSports Are Changing Game Design

With their popularity growing each year, we discuss and discover how eSports are influencing the wider world of game design Not all that long ago, ‘eSports’ conjured up visions of otherwise derelict basements and LAN-cafes playing host to small numbers of dedicated clans vying for personal satisfaction and micro-scale fame...

League Of Legends – the blockbuster in the shadows

It doesn’t get the attention of Call Of Duty or even World Of Warcraft, so how did Riot’s MOBA phenomenon become the most played game on the planet? In December 2014, 27 million people watched the League Of Legends finals in Seoul. That’s more than the number of people that..