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Inside review

Inside review

[Reviewed on Xbox One] Have you already played and completed Inside? We ask because if the answer to that question isn’t either a concrete “yes” or “well, obviously” then you may want to move on to avoid learning too much. Just to be clear, we aren’t implicitly attempting to spoil..

10 amazing fan theories about your favourite games

We’re big fans of fan theories here at games™ – we spend hours reading into ridiculous, semi-possible explanations of half-concluded story threads. We probably spent more time researching philosophical implications of BioShock Infinite than we did playing it. Recently, we’ve been privy to some interesting theories, and sharing is caring...

Limbo Review

Playdead’s Limbo is at once frightening, stimulating, evocative and deadly. It’s a lingering concoction of art and mechanics, and one of XBLA’s most beautiful offerings yet.