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Lego The Hobbit review

Is the Lego franchise just one template to rule them all or does Lego The Hobbit offer something new to the formula? Read the games™ review

Top 10 book-to-game adaptations

While comics, movies and toys have been liberally adapted into videogames across the years, developers have rarely sought inspiration from beloved literary works. games™ assembles the top 10 literary adaptations ever… y’know, so you don’t have to.

Warner Bros. Interactive president discusses the videogame business

With the purchase of Midway’s US assets for a cool $33 million, and a push into disparate videogame markets with titles like Lego Universe, Batman: Arkham City and multiple licensed products, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in gaming. We talk to president Martin Tremblay about what the future holds for WB and its videogame initiative.