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24 hot VR games to watch

Have you purchased a virtual reality headset and are struggling to find anything to play, or are you perhaps on the fence, trying to justify siphoning so much money out of your bank account? The second wave of VR games is coming and games™ has picked 25 of the most exciting, innovative and striking for your consideration

Lucky’s Tale review

Lucky’s Tale review

Ever since Sega decided it needed a rival to Mario, cute human-animal hybrids have been the standard platformer protagonists, especially when launching a new device. Think Knack for the PS4, Sonic for the Genesis, Banjo, Spyro and the rest. And now Lucky, Oculus Rift’s bipedal fox. Like the vulpine protagonist..

Virtual Reality Pros and Cons – Every headset assessed

There’s a lot going on in the VR world right now, and while the tech isn’t exactly hidden behind closed doors, it’s rare that people get to experience exactly what each headset can do and see precisely what they’re capable of. We asked Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of VR developer nDreams,..