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Xbox One X marks the spot for Sea Of Thieves in games™ 193

With the Xbox One X approaching our shores it seemed only right that we send our spyglass towards the next horizon and one of Microsoft’s most exciting upcoming titles, Sea Of Thieves. The massively ambitious Rare game is the focus of our cover feature for games™ 193, an issue packed..

24 hot VR games to watch

Have you purchased a virtual reality headset and are struggling to find anything to play, or are you perhaps on the fence, trying to justify siphoning so much money out of your bank account? The second wave of VR games is coming and games™ has picked 25 of the most exciting, innovative and striking for your consideration

Halo Wars 2 review

Halo Wars 2 review

It’s no secret real-time strategy remains one of the few genres yet to properly seed on consoles, but what better way to cross-pollinate than one of the most recognisable franchises on the planet? The incredibly talented (and now long defunct) Ensemble Studios tried it with the original Halo Wars and..

Resident Evil VII Biohazard review

Resident Evil VII Biohazard review

[Reviewed on PS4] The best scares should leave a scar. A permanent mark that follows you. It should serve to remind you of dangers that lurk in the night, that force you to fear the shadows of your soul and turn from flickering lights that dance in the dark. The..

Behind the scenes of WarCraft: Orcs & Humans

While Warcraft can’t take all the credit for popularising the RTS, it’s impossible to deny it the significant impact it had on the way the genre was played. games™ explores how Blizzard’s biggest franchise was born