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Symphonica review

Symphonica review: iNiS’s return to proper rhythm-action continues. But it still can’t match the high notes of Ouendan or Gitaroo Man

Rocksmith review

Review: Rocksmith looks to take rhythm-action gaming to its logical conclusion as an interactive guitar tutor. But does it actually work?

Rock Band Blitz review

Review: Rock Band Blitz takes the familiar Rock Band model and twists it into something entirely different, yet just as good

Masaya Matsuura: He Rappin' Good

As we merrily tap away on our plastic guitars and extravagantly priced mock-turntables, it can be easy to forget that the vast influence of the rhythm genre began with the psychedelic adventures of a paper-thin, rapping dog. games™ talks to the daddy of rhythm games about the infinite potential of music, and the inspirational power of fruit.